Leadership Development Programs: Role of HR

Leadership Development Programs: Role of HR

Satisfying employee is a challenging task for every Human Resource manager and one of the vital aspects that influence employees’ satisfaction levels is providing them with appropriate recognition and rewards that not only encourage their morale but also improve the company culture. Recruitment agencies strongly believe that giving timely feedback to employees will have a great impact on their motivation and productivity. Most of the companies and their managers also agree with the point but somehow fail to do it appropriately thereby losing out on the benefits of employee recognition.

Unfortunately, all too often, employers with good intentions fail to create an employee recognition program that maximizes these benefits. In fact, in some cases, employers make several mistakes when developing their recognition program that can cause more harm than good.

No Set Goals:

It’s important to set clear goals for your employee recognition program right from the start. Do you want to enhance employee engagement? Increase retention rates? Improve production rates? Lower absenteeism? Without clear goals in place, it will be impossible to measure the effectiveness of your program staffing agencies are a solution for every company.


The second thing you want to do is create a recognition program that is inconsistent. When you have some managers and supervisors using the program, while others do not, it can frustrate your employees. In fact, it can make your employees feel that the program is not fair, which can destroy its effectiveness. Using regular promotions and ensuring top management remains consistent with their recognition can help to create a culture of recognition within the company.

Only recognizing from the very top:

To be successful, recognition should occur company wide from at all levels of the organizations. Peers should be able to recognize one another. Managers should be able to recognize members of their team that is doing great things. While executive recognition can be powerful, not all recognition should come from the executive level. job placement consultancy is one of place to be successful in recognizing employee from the executive level.

Assuming the same things motivate everyone:

Each individual is going to be motivated by different things. Some individuals will be more motivated by money than others. Some employees will be more motivated by an extra day off, public recognition of their work, or the positive feelings they have when they help others. IT staffing agency finds One fool-proof way to gain understanding about what motivates your employees is to ask them.

Not Announcing The Program:

Many companies set up employee recognition programs in the workplace but fail to announce them to their workers. An employee recognition program is only beneficial if workers know about, so spread the word and make it known. You can hang posters up in the office, send out a newsletter or tell your employees face-to-face about the new recognition program.

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