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We build applications that create businesses run faster, efficient, and value for money
Our application development services enables businesses to condense PDLCs, while improving time to market and increasing ROI.

Moving from heritage monoliths to next-gen cloud native platforms

Enterprises are facing increased competitive pressures to get the most out of their existing IT assets and constantly optimize to meet the demands of the changing market, reduce technical debt and increase productivity.

Monolithic Design:
Existing applications and core systems are designed to tightly couple data, workflows, and embedded rules. This makes them fragile, requires system wide regression testing, lacks the support for new business processing models that leverage latest techniques

Lack of Understanding:
Work completed on existing applications by multiple teams is lost over the years. The business logic, data flows and dependencies cannot be easily extrapolated from code or older documentation

Complex Integration:
Legacy monolithic applications have complex integrations between the modules, which results in increased time-to-market

High Maintenance Cost:
Cost of maintaining older applications is high, mainly due to shrinking resource pool

We help enterprises to modernize business systems from existing legacy architecture to next- generation cloud native platform architecture.

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Our Offerings for Modernization

Enterprises continuously strive to provide their customers and stakeholders with personalized experiences, enter markets with new business models, release products in an accelerated manner, and scale their businesses infinitely.
Our sustainable, continuous modernization solutions focuses on applying tools, frameworks, APIs, approaches and best practices to extract and transition legacy capabilities and delivering business benefits that come from cloud native architectures and modern platform ecosystems.

These methods offer businesses cloud-native microservices based capabilities, disposable architecture ecosystems that allow for continuous technology and capability innovation, and highly automated IT development and operations that help in optimizing build and run.